Choosing The Right Lanyard

Jan 25, 2022

Did you know—there are many different options to consider when ordering lanyards for employees? Lanyards come in many different styles with different attachments, and it can be hard to know whic...

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Your Product Decorating Questions Answered

Aug 24, 2021

You encounter promotional products every day. You hold them, wear them, and see them everywhere you go. Are you aware that every one of these products goes through an extensive design process, from ad...

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Sublimation Printing

Jan 29, 2021

One of the most popular trends in personalized products and apparel is dye sublimation or simply sublimation. Sublimation is another printing process used in the promotional product industry. It&rsquo...

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How JQ Designs Makes Your Logo Look Good

Aug 24, 2020

Being in the promotional product industry is a super fun, creative way to help businesses look their best, build brand awareness, and delight customers. Promotional products are not just for businesse...

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The Power of Promotional Products

May 28, 2020

Hands down—proven over and over—is the power of promotional products over other any form of advertising. In fact, this humble blog writer would guess that you are surrounded by at least 1-...

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Online Promotional Merchandise Stores or Webstores

Feb 21, 2020

Looking to simplify your Merch sales for your school group or team? Just about every industry has been affected by changes in technology and the benefits that technology offers. The promotional produc...

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Warm Winter Fabrics

Dec 17, 2019

As the weather gets colder the deeper we go into winter there are three great warm winter fabrics to consider when purchasing outerwear. These fabrics are Thinsulate™, Gore-Tex, and bonded fleec...

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Natural Winter Fabrics

Nov 20, 2019

Cotton, wool, and flannel are a few of the most popular—and longstanding—fabrics used for warmth and comfort during the winter. Each fabric has different qualities. These qualities are use...

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Fun Homecoming Promotional Products

Sep 12, 2019

JQ Designs has the Homecoming 2019 crowd pleasing promotional items for your high school or college. This is a favorite time of year to celebrate, show your school spirit, and get friends together for...

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Print vs Embroidery

Jul 23, 2019

Let’s say you want to order promotional apparel. This can include t-shirts, Polo shirts, vests, button-up shirts, hats, performance wear or outer wear. Once you have made a decision on the ki...

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Types of Technical Fabrics

May 15, 2019

Technical fabrics are materials that offer a specific function, such as water resistance, or UV (ultraviolet) protection. We aren’t talking about fabric for Paris Fashion Week, but fabric whose ...

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Finding the perfect Fit, Fabric and Feel in your Custom Apparel

Apr 15, 2019

When we choose clothing, there are three qualities that affect nearly all of your wardrobe's appearance on your body. These three qualities are Fit, Fabric, and Feel. The garment will always looks goo...

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