The Power of Promotional Products

  • May 28, 2020

Hands down—proven over and over—is the power of promotional products over other any form of advertising. In fact, this humble blog writer would guess that you are surrounded by at least 1-3 promotional products in your home or office, at any given time.

A Few Quick Stats
According to a recent PPAI Consumer Study, Mapping Out The Modern Consumer, “promotional products were ranked highest by consumers across ALL generations as the most effective advertising vehicle.”

From this report:
  • 5/10 consumers stated that they come in contact with promotional products most of the time or at all times per day
  • 9/10 consumers remembered the branding
  • 8/10 consumers could recall the messaging from at least one product they had been given
  • 8/10 consumers thought that their impression of the brand was positively impacted by the product they received
  • 83% of consumers are more likely to do business with the brand they got promotional items from than from brands they have NOT received promotional products
The 5 Rs of Promotional Products
This study used 5 different ways to assess the value of promotional products: reach, recall, resonance, reaction and relativity.
Consumers remember brands better with promotional products
Reach is frequency, length and range of brand exposure. From the top of the scale where Millennials said they are in contact with promotional products at all times to the bottom where 17% of study participants said they have been exposed at least once to a promotional product. It was also discovered that the longer a promotional product is kept, the more impressions it makes on the end user. Additionally, 8/10 consumers will pass along a promotional product if they don’t keep it for themselves, increasing the brands reach.

Recall is attention to the details of the branding. The stats are quite impressive when you consider how powerfully promotional products are remembered.
  • 9/10 people recall the branding
  • 8/10 recall the messaging
  • 7/10 recap the call to action
Interestingly, Millennials best recalled social media and baby boomers recalled reference points such as websites or contact information. Additionally, 1/2 consumers said they walk around with some type of promotional product in a wearable item, pocket or purse.

Resonance helps consumers to identify with the brand on a personal level. Is there an emotional connection to the promotional product? It has been found that advertising that produced the best emotional response generated 23% more in sales volume.
If there is an emotional connection—then the consumer will keep it. But why? Functionality or useful to have tops the reasons why; followed by enjoyable to have; then design, value, and message. For the full list—refer to the study!

Reaction is brand allure, favor-ability and loyalty. Surprisingly, 8/10 consumers said they look up a brand after getting a promotional product, especially Millennials. Additionally, “83 percent of consumers were more likely to do business with brands that they have received promotional products from over other brands.” It is a fact that promotional products increase brand loyalty.

Relativity refers to insights on where to invest ad dollars in order to make data driven decisions. In this area—promotional products are at the head of the pack in terms of a consumer’s choice in brand communication. Consumer’s want advertising that is visually appealing and engaging. Hence, promotional products are a favorite for consumers. Interestingly, this also means that promotional products are the least avoided advertising vehicle.

With all the overwhelming evidence this survey displayed, it is the foregone conclusion that promotional products are an effective way to promote your business successfully. Let the professionals at JQ Designs guide you in making the right product choices to get the best of the 5 Rs of promotional products for your business. Our customers agree that We Make Your Logo Look Good!