What’s your minimum order?

We offer many apparel and gift items with a minimum order size of 1 piece!  Most promotional items, and some apparel lines require a minimum order.  This minimum varies by item.


How long will my order take?

This can vary greatly depending on the item.  Retail orders, like single piece T shirts, and simple monograms, average about 5 business days (1 week).  Larger orders average about 10 business days (2 weeks).   There are times when this can be longer, or shorter, depending on the actual product and the current production work loads.   If you need your items faster, let us know so that we can do everything possible to meet your in-hands date.   Additional fees may apply to expedite your order.


When do I pay?

Full payment is required to begin all custom orders.  Occasionally the final price is not immediately known when the order is placed.  In that case, a payment is taken on a “good faith” price estimate.  Any adjustments once all the details are finalized, will be adjusted on your invoice.  


My company would like payment terms.  Can you bill us?

Once your company is established as a repeat customer with qualifying orders, you may complete our credit application for payment terms. 


What forms of payment do you take?

We accept all forms of payments including cash, check, most credit cards, and bank transfers.  If you order through the website, you can pay electronically.  If you do not order through our website, we can send you a link for electronic payment.  We also are happy to take your payment in person in our showroom.  Please note, for security reasons, we do not take credit card payments over the phone.


How much does it cost?

Well, that depends.  There are several variables that can affect cost – the item you choose, the quantity you purchase, and the type of decoration to name a few.  Generally, the more you purchase, the lower the cost per piece.   


What’s the difference between embroidery and printing?

Embroidery is done with thread.  Printing is done with ink or dye.


What if I don’t have a logo or a design?  Can you make me one?

Yes!  We not only have several stock designs that can be personalized for your order, we can use your input and ideas to create something totally unique.  Depending on the complexity of your request,  art and design fees may apply.  


Can I bring my own items in for embroidery?

Sure!  We embroider on customer supplied items all the time.  As long as we can fit the item in our equipment, and a needle can go through it, we can probably stitch it.   Bring it in and we can let you know for sure.  Please note, items must be clean and free from all odors/fragrances  (no pet hair, no smoke, perfume, detergent, etc.)



Can you print on items I bring in?

In many instances we can, depending on the garment and the design.  Garments brought in for printing need to be in clean, unwashed condition as detergents, fabric softeners, and dryer sheets can all affect the quality of the finished decoration. 


What is your return policy?

Due to the nature of our business, merchandise is not returnable. 

We hope you are so excited when you receive your items that you check them out right away.  Should there be any issues at all with your order, we need to know immediately so that we can rectify the situation in a timely manner.


Do you charge sales tax?

In accordance with Illinois State law, we are required to charge sales tax on the items we sell.  If you are requesting sales tax be waived for your order, please supply the proper documentation – a copy of your tax exempt letter, OR a copy of your resale certificate.  We must have this documentation on file prior to your payment.  Once your payment is processed, we cannot refund the sales tax.   


Can you set up a Company, School or Spirt store?

We certainly can!  Call us at 847-742-4880 to talk over the details.