How JQ Designs Makes Your Logo Look Good

  • Aug 24, 2020

Being in the promotional product industry is a super fun, creative way to help businesses look their best, build brand awareness, and delight customers. Promotional products are not just for businesses though—schools, youth and adult sports leagues, family reunions, and fundraising efforts all benefit from the expertise and dedication we, at JQ Designs, brings to our profession. That being said—it does take time, education and dedication to be successful at what we do!

The Customer Is Our Priority

It takes an attentive, experienced eye to excel in customer service. We take time with our clients asking the right questions to find the best product for their end use and budget.
Making your logo look good is our business, so we evaluate each logo carefully taking many factors into consideration including the number of colors, shading, overall shape, and how those factors work with the products that the logo will ultimately be used.
Each promotional item—whether it’s apparel or “hard goods” can have a very different approach to customization. Understanding the available decoration areas, the substrates, the actual decorating  processes, and how the logo will be best presented are crucial to achieving the best possible result. These skills and knowledge can only come with experience and education.  A good promotional products professional will invest time in education, and continued education. This ensures the client is getting the best product to represent their logo and/or slogan.

collage of various methods of logo application for JQ Designs

Details, Details, Details

Understanding the different processes—embroidery, appliqué, screen print, pad print, digital print, deboss, or emboss, and even new technology as it’s introduced—is what makes a good promo person. At JQ Designs we show examples of the these processes, and explain to the customer how they will enhance or detract from the logo.
Occasionally, what the customer wants to do with their logo and what technology will allow don’t always match up.  A good promotional products professional will present the options – whether it’s a slight change to the logo, a different item, or a change in the decorating process. It’s all about communication and finding the best solution to make the client’s logo look good!

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