Sublimation Printing

  • Jan 29, 2021

One of the most popular trends in personalized products and apparel is dye sublimation or simply sublimation. Sublimation is another printing process used in the promotional product industry. It’s a cost effective way to do full color printing. In fact, many of the promotional products offered by JQ Designs are printed using this process.

During the sublimation process, heat and pressure are applied to colored gels, turning them not a gas. This gas then permeates and dyes the surface of different substrates such as plastic and fabric. This dyed image becomes permanent, adding to the longevity of the item it’s applied to. Another added benefit, especially in sublimated apparel such as sports uniforms, is that there is nothing extra added to the fabric… no heavy inks or vinyl products to weigh the garment down, or affect the breath-ability of the garment.

What kinds of products can you use sublimation to print on? Many! Apparel, mugs, mouse pads, eye glass and screen cleaning cloths, facemasks, table runners, table cloths, and banners are just a few of the products that accept the sublimation printing. Fabric is the most popular substrate used for this process in the promotional product business.

image of mug sublimation printing

When sublimation is used on fabric—the fabric remains breathable, light-weight, and color fast. A huge advantage to this printing method is the ease of customization. For instance, if you are having the uniforms printed for your youth baseball or soccer league—personalizing each jersey with the name and number of the player is more efficient and cost effective than other printing methods.

More advantages of sublimation printing on fabric include:
 • High resolution imagery
 • Easy to clean, fold, and store
 • Durability
 • Suitable for back-drops
 • Vibrant color

Sublimation is a great match for cool and intricate graphics.  At JQ Designs, we will always match the best process for the graphics or logo you have, and the products you select. It’s a win-win outcome for both the customer and for us at JQ Designs. If you’re not sure what to product will suit your goals—rely on our expertise to choose the best vendor, product and printing method to make your logo look good!