Online Promotional Merchandise Stores or Webstores

  • Feb 21, 2020

Looking to simplify your Merch sales for your school group or team? Just about every industry has been affected by changes in technology and the benefits that technology offers. The promotional product industry is no exception. One of the most exciting technological offerings is the development of online stores, also called webstores, for selling branded and personalized apparel and products.

What is an online store or webstore?


An online store or a webstore, is a website that is built upon the customers needs and requests for custom branding, products and payment options. For example, a local little league would contact JQ Designs and we would build an online website that allows the parents, grandparents, or anyone else with the URL, to go onto the website, order spirit wear, uniforms, or fun fan items. The merchandise offered is entirely up to the entity requesting the online store.


Online stores simplify the entire process of selling to groups. The reasons why online stores are created vary. A store can be set up for a fundraising event; to outfit a sports team, to offer promotional apparel to a small business or corporation; outfit the staff of a restaurant, or retail establishment. Any reason you have to sell or offer promotional products to a group of people, is a great opportunity for an online store.


Image with an example of a webstore item close-up



How Does An Online Store Work?


Glad you asked! JQ Designs will meet with the client to determine the client’s promotional product needs. We will build the shop based upon these needs and populate it with appropriate apparel, branded merchandise, or gear. After set-up, a custom URL is given to the client, who can then share this URL to their organization for ordering.  Our stores also include features such as personalization, coupons, and fundraising options.  The client also has the ability to track sales, and make sure all team members (if required) have ordered their gear. Click here for an example of an online store.

Once the store closes, JQ Designs processes all of the orders, and once complete, sorts, and packages everything by individual order.  We can even sub-sort by team, classroom, or other criteria that you would find helpful for distributing your merchandise.  When you pickup your order, it is truly ready for you to distribute.  And, a customer favorite features:  If you used this as a fundraising opportunity, you pickup a check with your order!


Creating an online store for your organization has these benefits:

  • Simplifies the ordering process
  • Eliminates the need for inventory
  • Saves valuable time
  • Organizes fundraisers and ensures prompt payment
  • Payment flexibility
  • Customization options


Discover how an online store will benefit for your organization by contacting JQ Designs today.