What does it mean to be a Professional?

  • Feb 11, 2019

Many of us are familiar with someone making the claim that they “are a professional.” What does this mean, exactly? Does it mean they are proficient at what they do? Does it mean they have the education and experience to perform their job at a high level of expertise? Do they use the right "tools of their trade?"

My dad was a contract electrician. He was smart, curious and creative and there wasn’t anything he couldn’t fix. Much of his knowledge of the trades came from not only from his electrical apprenticeship, but from watching and learning from those around him, and approaching challenges from a creative viewpoint.  I remember going to job sites with him when I was a kid—pulling wire, handing him tools and being his “go-fer." There is so much you learn when you work alongside a skilled craftsman. I think it was this background that gave me both my curiosity, and my confidence in doing my job. Two skills that I could not be successful without.


The Right Tool for the Job 

It’s been said, You need the right tool for the job.”  If I walked up to you right now and handed you a pair of scissors and a comb—would that instantly make you a hairstylist? How about a power saw, some nails and a hammer? Would that make you qualified to remodel my bathroom? Or even if I handed you some needles (I do have plenty of those) would you hang out a sign and start practicing acupuncture?


Image of a professional embroidery maching


Of course not! While you can’t do a job without the right tools, having the right tools doesn’t make you capable of doing a quality job or performing at a high level on a specific task. Being a professional means that whoever you contract, or hire, or use for a specific purpose (e.g. customizing polo shirts for your next trade show) has the experience and education to get the job done right! In other words, just having a tool is not enough; knowing HOW to use the tool, and becoming proficient in their use, is what truly sets a professional apart.


Professional Credentials 

Credentials also set a professional apart from the crowd. Often, professionals are a member of a guild or association that supports their craft. Being a professional screen printer, embroidery and custom apparel shop, JQ Designs belongs to several professional organizations: Advertising Specialty Institute (ASI), Promotional  Products Association International (PPAI), Promotional Products Association Chicago, and the Elgin Area Chamber of Commerce. We have over 16 years of experience in our field, with the technical training to complete even the most difficult of jobs. Our professional embroiderers have the experience and technology to turn your logo into a beautifully stitched design. That’s what we do—make YOUR name look good!


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