What Are The Best Promotional Products?

  • Jun 12, 2020

Who doesn't love to get a promotional gift? They come in all shapes and sizes—mugs, t-shirts, USB drives, hats, pens, and a multitude of chip clips. Clients love them, consumers collect them, and they are an effective advertising tool.

Popular Promotional Products

Some of the most popular promotional products, rated by consumers, are promotional drink ware, t-shirts, custom tote bags, power banks, USB drives, desk accessories and head wear.

Promotional drink ware is always a favorite—especially insulated coffee tumblers. In general, tumblers keep drinks hot or cold for hours. Depending on the brand you choose they can maintain cold temperatures up to 18 hours and hot up to 8 hours. Usually the have spill-resistant lids with rubber gaskets. Emblazoned with a logo or company slogan, these traveling advertisements can expose your logo to many people, over and over.

T-shirts are an extremely effective way to reach a large number of people and advertise your company—every time they are worn! Just think about how many impressions of your logo are seen each time a shirt is out in the general public. A well placed design goes a long way to support your company’s message or cause.


Head wear is available in many different styles and types. Baseball caps, visors, knit beanies, pom beanies, trucker caps, skull caps are at the top of the list. Hats have a high visibility factor due to the many different uses they fulfill. Sports teams, work crews, employee uniforms, youth organizations, high school and grammar school organizations and teams. Hats show allegiance, demonstrate pride, and are just fun to wear! Often collected and proudly displayed—hats are the ideal promotional item.

This brings us to what we like to call “tech items.” This category of promotional items covers anything from USB thumb drives, charging power banks, wireless chargers, charging cords, to non-electric promotional items such as mouse pads and screen cleaners. This covers a wide range of products that are always functional and delight consumers. Our recommendation is to rely of the experts at JQ Designs to find the perfect promotional tech for your goals and needs.

Let’s not forget about the handy, dandy category of writing implements. It is estimated that the average consumer has 5-10 different promotional writing instruments in their home or office. This is an amazing amount of advertising power for pennies on the dollar. Writing instruments are economical to purchase at reasonable quantities. If you want to talk about choices—they are almost endless from the simple pencil to high end specialty promotional pens. There is a price and style to fit everyone’s budget.

For the best advertising tools to fit any budget—promotional products are a win-win for the consumer and the advertiser. Rely on the promotional product professionals at JQ Design and we will Make Your Logo Look Good everytime!


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