Tis' the Time of Year for Corporate Gifting!

  • Oct 30, 2019

Tis' the time of year to consider Corporate Gift Giving! Everyone loves to get gifts—and purchasing a gift for your customer or employee is just a nice way to say ‘Thank you and I appreciate your business or efforts as a part of the team.”


Why Give A Gift?

In its simplest form—a gift is meant to affirm and enhance personal or business connections. These connections can take many forms. Client/Vendor, employee/employer, marketing to prospective customers, or client/customer relationships. In fact, there is plenty of research that confirms that vendors who give a gift are twice as likely to increase their chances of being contacted again, according to the Promotional Products Association International (PPAI). Gift giving is not just a matter of ROI—its all about relationship building.


Gift giving demonstrates in a tangible way that you're thankful. A well timed, appropriate gift says much more than words can convey. People want to be recognized and feel like they are doing a good job, contributing to the team, or feel appreciated.


Be Strategic in Your Gift Giving

It’s very important to consider the type of gift you give. A thoughtful gift goes a long way—in other words, don’t give a custom golf ball set to all the ladies in the office (unless of course, everyone golfs) . Consider the individual and the role they perform, customer or employee? What do they like? If you are not sure, gifts such as candy, nuts, cheese, etc., are always thoughtful. Especially, if they are personalized.



Better to Give, than Receive

It’s been often said that it’s better to give, than receive. This is absolutely true! While it's always fun to receive a gift, how many of us have considered the other side? Who doesn’t feel good when a respected employee, colleague or client lights up when they open a gift? At JQ Designs we love to see happy, delighted customers who can’t wait to give the special item we ordered and personalized for them. It’s good for the soul!


Not sure what to order? That’s when you rely on the professionals at JQ Design. We know how to make your logo look great or personalize any item in an impactful way. But, DON’T DELAY! This year the season is shorter then last year due to a late Thanksgiving holiday. Be sure to have your orders to us by November 10th to ensure delivery in time for all your holiday parties and gatherings.  Contact us today to ask any questions or order!