Promotional Product Ideas Beyond PPE for the Medical Industry

  • Sep 27, 2021

PPE has been an important staple the last couple years in medical environments. There are many other promotional product options beyond PPE for hospitals, and other medical professionals to pass out to patients, nurses, and visitors.  

Whether hospitals hand out a custom promotional item for an employee appreciation incentive or  given to family members visiting their ill loved ones—here are a few of our favorite promo products that go beyond the face masks and latex gloves.

Insulated Lunch Bag

Nurses and hospital staff are still working tireless hours to treat patients, sanitize hospitals, and find time for their own families. An insulated lunch bag is a thoughtful gift to give to employees, so they can easily transport freshly prepared meals and snacks to keep nourished and fueled for the day ahead. A great suggestion is to further personalize this gift by including a gift card to their favorite restaurant.

Bandage Dispenser

Whenever a bandaid is needed—sometimes they're hard to find! Hospitals can set these convenient bandage dispensers at a receptionist or check-in desk for visitors to grab and drop into their purses or bags.


Step it up a notch with pedometers! Social distancing has given us all an abundance of free time to pick up new hobbies or workout. Hand out these pedometers to patients during appointments and “step it” up a notch! Encourage healthy lifestyles so patients, family members and employees can begin tracking their steps.

Small Gel Pack  

These handy little give-aways are a life saver. So many of us suffer from headaches, and other small aches and pains. How many times has the freezer been opened, looking for a cool pack to soothe only to end up using a hard, lumpy bad of freezer burned peas?  These small gel packs are a “cool” way to ease head tension, stress, and small aches and pains. Your brand will be front and center the next time cool relief is needed.  


Journaling is a proven activity to help relieve stress and anxiety, and medical staff, along with patients’ families have had an extremely tense couple of years with COVID-19. These journals are a sympathetic gesture to hand out to nurses, doctors, and staff, encouraging them to take a break from the pressure and write down their thoughts and feelings.  

Looking for other hospital or medical related products? We’ve got hundreds of other ideas that will give hospital staff, patients and family members a little lift and allow us to Make Your Logo Look Good from JQ Designs