Important Tips on Trade Show Materials

  • Jan 20, 2020

There are so many details involved with participating at a trade show—it’s easy to miss something! So make a list, start early to prepare, and order what you need for marketing or display well ahead of time. Cost will always be a factor when you exhibit, however, so don’t ignore the potential return on investment of having a well-designed booth that gives people something to talk about.

The Goal
Your overall goal, as an exhibitor, is to attract attendees to your booth. Not just anyone—but you want to attract the right ones, potential customers. Attract your target audience with bold graphics, banners and displays.

Flags or banners, strategically placed with messages a reader can quickly interpret, attract the right customers. Strong signage tells potential customers what your brand is all about.

If you are a small to medium vendor, the back wall of your booth will be a focal point. When show attendees enter your booth (or just pass by) strong branding is a must. There are many different types of displays, from pop-up wall displays, 3D displays, and smaller table top displays. These types of displays are affordable, colorful, and easy to set up. Don’t make the mistake of not investing in a display of some sort. You WANT to stand out from the crowd and attract NEW customers.  

Other items to make your booth looks its best include table cloths and table runners.  These are good if you are budget conscious. Even if you are not—they add professionalism and reinforce your brand or message.

Promotional Swag

One of our favorite trade show subjects is promotional items or as they call it in trade show circles—promotional swag. You want items that will be something your booth visitor or new sales lead will keep in front of them after they leave the booth. One exhibitor recently confided, “I keep the lower price point items readily available for a quick ‘Thank You’ for visiting our booth. When I get a hot lead, that’s when I open the ‘swag drawer’ and offer something of more substance. Our favorite give-aways are commuter mugs and water bottles. We buy high quality and this ensures our name will be with this customer and in the back of their mind where ever they go. Never underestimate the power of keeping your name in front of the lead—and quality promotional swag is a powerful marketing tool.”

Follow these simple tips to help you prepare for a successful trade show. If you are not sure what to order—the experienced promotional products specialists at JQ Designs are here to answer questions or recommend products to fit your company’s needs. We are a locally owned, in South Elgin, Illinois and we love to get visitors to our show room. Let us help you make your logo look good!