How Promotional Products Grow Your Business

  • Apr 30, 2019

Promotional products are for every business—large and small. It also does not matter if you are a new business, or an established company—every businesses goals include wanting to reach new markets, and grow their business.  A promotional product branded with your company name and logo is a great cost-effective way to promote your goods or services. Here are a few important business strategies you are missing out on if promotional items are not part of your marketing plan.

Reach a Broader Market

Giving away promotional products is the perfect way to reach more people. Let’s say I give away a mug, which has my catch phrase and logo. The recipient brings it to work. It sits on their desk where clients, as well as co-workers, see it on the desk or maybe they walk around the office with it sipping their ‘morning Joe.’ The point is—you don’t know how many people will be exposed to your message and brand. Yes, you want the message to reach your target audience, but it never hurts to reach other audiences. Promotional products give you more visibility that other advertising mediums for much less money. Promotional items also offer an interactive experience for your marketing message. An ad in a local magazine or paper or even a mailer can’t do what promotional products can!

Create a Positive Brand Image

Anytime you give away something of value, such as a promotional product, this helps to consistently shape your customers’ opinions. Who doesn’t love free ‘chotchkes’ as we call them in the industry? This simple giving of a ‘gift’ also establishes good will by associating your product with local charities, or community events and is—simply put—a nice surprise for your client.

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What is the best way to grow business? Referrals are always on the top of the list! All business owners desire their company be talked about in a positive way. This will always drive more sales by word of mouth. Additionally, handing out promotional products is a wonderful way to attract attention to your brand and delight your customer. Promo items are very important at tradeshows, where exhibitors are competing to attract attendees to visit their booths. There's nothing like a cool freebie to break the ice with potential customers and engage them in conversation. Many people are more likely to listen to your marketing pitch because you just gave them a gift.

Make Happy Customers

I am sure you know this, but a happy customer is more likely to buy and come back.  In the real world, mistakes are sometimes made and giving a high quality promotional product can help to make a situation right. You should also give your customers a ‘freebie’ to thank them for their business. Receiving a gift will make your clients feel special and demonstrates that their business is valued and appreciated by you. If you are looking to expand your market reach, make your clients happier, and create a little buzz about your products or services then contact JQ Designs today

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