Corporate Gift Giving

  • Sep 20, 2019

Corporate gift giving allows your company to motivate talent, build teamwork, and show appreciation to your employees. It is also a perfect way to recognize outstanding achievements! Be sure to budget for corporate gifts and order early, regardless of the time of year.


There are also many reasons to consider corporate gift giving as the holidays are rapidly approaching. Corporate gifts say “thank you” to your employees and your loyal customers.


As a bonus, corporate gifts are the perfect way to keep your brand in front of your customers—a low cost marketing strategy that is proven to be effective.


When an employee or customer receives a personalized gift, it just makes people feel good! Who doesn’t like to get gifts or recognition awards? For instance, a personalized business card holder, a beautiful paperweight, or an engraved award—great gifts to show off on the employees desk or on an office shelf.


JQ Designs will help you select the perfect gift every time. We will personalize your gift with either the employees name or corporate brand—depending upon the purpose of the gift.


Our expertise and experience allow us to give you suggestions to aid in thinking out of the holiday gift-giving box. One size does not fit all and the correct customization is important.

Perfect Gift Ideas


Here is a perfect idea to step out of that box—how about trying gifts that are consumable? Wine, healthy snacks, nuts and chocolates are sure to be appreciated. Labels are customizable for many different products.


For your golf fans—give them personalized golf balls, or a golf set.


For your coffee drinkers—give them a customized mug. There are so many different styles and colors to choose from with JQ Designs. Then stuff the mugs with prepackaged treats and a personalized ornament for an extra bonus gift.


Rely on JQ Designs to provide the highest quality and most popular corporate gifts. We will make your logo look good! Be sure to order early for the Holidays!