2021 Corporate Gift Giving Supply Chain & Labor Issues: ORDER EARLY !

  • Oct 13, 2021


The struggle is real. Like most industries, the decorated apparel and promotional product industries are struggling with deliveries.  Whether it’s out of stock items, delayed shipping, missed production dates, lack of labor, rising costs, or something else—the whole supply chain across all industries is a mess.  My vendors are reminding me of this fact daily.

What Can Be Done?

Many of our suppliers with published lead times of a week or two, have very volatile production capacities. Yesterday, I got information that the lead time would be two weeks, shared it with my customer, and today the lead time has shot to 22 days—well after the event that my customer wanted the items for. 

Another vendor has the inventory we need, they just can’t get it shipped for three weeks because of labor issues.  Shippers like UPS and FedEx are taking longer than stated lead times as well. Amidst all of this, most vendors have increased their prices to cover premium labor costs to just get people to work as well as shipping costs. Most industry experts are indicating that this will be the new normal well into next year. While this is not the greatest news, JQ Designs is always looking for a solution. 


                         Labor supply and offloading issues have drastically increased shipping times.

At JQ Designs, we are doing our best to be up front and honest with our customer about the struggles.  Many of these issues are beyond our control; we don't want to disappoint our clients! This is our action plan:

  • We have begun to check inventory as part of the order entry process. Trying to let customers know immediately that the desired items are not in stock, and trying to present a suitable alternative, if possible.
  • We are ordering inventory and supplies as soon as we can so they don’t evaporate before we can get claim them.
  • We now are letting customers know that we will strive to meet due dates and do everything in our control to meet them, but there are some factors beyond our control. Bear with us!  

If you are a business that usually makes an order close to the holidays, we highly recommend you order sooner than later.  Order by November 5th at the latest! In a typical year, our standard lead time of two weeks increases to three weeks about this time of year. We have in many cases already surpassed that lead time for the clients who have ordered.

Rely on the superior customer service you expect from JQ Designs. We can deliver no less this holiday season. We are your local, experienced, promotional product source who always MAKES YOUR LOGO LOOK GOOD.